What is a post-adoption contact agreement?

A post-adoption contact agreement, also known as an open adoption agreement or a contact agreement, is a legal arrangement made between the birth parents and adoptive parents in an adoption process. It outlines the terms and conditions for ongoing contact and communication between the parties involved after the adoption is finalized.
The purpose of a post-adoption contact agreement is to maintain some level of connection and exchange of information between the child and their birth family, while also respecting the rights and responsibilities of the adoptive parents. It allows for continued contact, such as visits, phone calls, emails, letters, or other forms of communication, depending on what is agreed upon by the parties involved.
The specific details of a post-adoption contact agreement can vary widely and are typically tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of the individuals involved. The agreement may include provisions regarding the frequency and duration of contact, the manner of communication, the exchange of photographs or updates, involvement in special events or milestones, and any other relevant considerations.
It’s important to note that post-adoption contact agreements are not legally enforceable in all jurisdictions. While some countries and states recognize and enforce these agreements, others may view them as non-binding or unenforceable. It’s crucial for the parties involved to understand the legal implications and requirements in their specific jurisdiction before entering into such an agreement.

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