In California, What Types of Relationships Support Adult Adoption?

In California, adult adoption is a legal process that allows an adult to be legally adopted by another adult. The types of relationships that typically support adult adoption in California include:

  1. Stepparent-Stepchild Relationship: A common scenario for adult adoption is when a stepparent wants to legally adopt their adult stepchild. This can strengthen the existing family bond and provide certain legal benefits.
  2. Long-Term Caregiver Relationship: If an adult has been cared for and supported by another adult for a significant period, adult adoption may be pursued to formalize the relationship. This often occurs when an adult has been raised or provided with significant emotional and financial support by a caregiver.
  3. Close Personal Relationship: In some cases, unrelated adults who share a close personal relationship may seek adult adoption. This could be friends, mentors, or other individuals who have a deep emotional connection and wish to establish a legal parent-child relationship.

It’s important to note that adult adoption is subject to specific legal requirements and procedures in California. The consent of the adopting adult and the adult being adopted is typically required, along with the termination of any existing legal parent-child relationship, if applicable. It’s recommended to consult with an attorney who specializes in family law or adoption to understand the specific requirements and implications of adult adoption in California.

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