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Filing Bankruptcy Should Not Cost Thousands of Dollars in Attorney Fees!

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“Bankruptcy” is a federal program established by United States Congress to provide debt relief to persons and organizations suffering from financial difficulties. The federal bankruptcy program was never intended to cost thousands of dollars in attorney fees!

In fact, in most cases the entire bankruptcy process consists of completing the Official Bankruptcy Forms, filing them with the bankruptcy court and attending a brief meeting with a bankruptcy trustee. No court hearing is required in most cases.

When an attorney is hired to file bankruptcy, the attorney asks the client for the information needed to complete the Official Bankruptcy Forms. The information is then typed onto the Official Bankruptcy Forms. Once the client approves the bankruptcy petition, the forms are then signed by the client and electronically filed with the court.

A few weeks later, the client attends a brief meeting with a bankruptcy trustee and subsequently receives a final discharge order in the mail.

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The Law Office of Chirnese L. Liverpool believes that bankruptcy should be affordable to all persons and organizations facing financial hardship. 

If you have an emergency, such as a garnishment or impending foreclosure sale, we can prepare an emergency Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy in as little as one day. Your bankruptcy will be effective immediately upon filing––and you will save hundreds or thousands of dollars in unnecessary attorney fees!

To get started, just review “Frequently Asked Questions About Bankruptcy” then Contact Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorney Chirnese L. Liverpool or call us at 818-714-2200.

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