what is a bankruptcy discharge in chapter 7

What is a bankruptcy discharge?

If you are wondering what a bankruptcy discharge is this article should hopefully explain that for you.

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A bankruptcy discharge is a court order that releases a debtor from personal liability for certain types of debts. It is a type of relief that is available to individuals who have filed for bankruptcy under certain chapters of the Bankruptcy Code.

The purpose of a bankruptcy discharge is to give the debtor a fresh start by relieving them of the burden of having to pay certain debts. It does not, however, discharge all types of debts. Some debts, such as student loans, child support, spousal support and most taxes, are generally not dischargeable in bankruptcy.

When a debtor receives a bankruptcy discharge, it means that they are no longer legally required to pay their dischargeable debts, and creditors are no longer able to take any action to collect those debts. In most cases, the bankruptcy discharge is entered into the court’s records automatically, although the debtor may need to take some additional steps in order to receive the discharge, such as completing a financial management course.

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