Navigating open adoptions in California

Open adoptions are becoming increasingly popular in California, as more birth parents and adoptive families recognize the benefits of ongoing contact and communication. If you’re considering an open adoption in California, here are some key things to keep in mind:

Understand what an open adoption means: In an open adoption, the birth parents and adoptive family agree to ongoing contact and communication, usually through visits, phone calls, or emails. The level and frequency of contact can vary widely depending on the preferences of the birth parents and adoptive family.

Work with an experienced adoption professional: An experienced adoption agency or attorney can guide you through the legal requirements and best practices for open adoptions in California. They can also help you find a birth mother or adoptive family who shares your openness preferences.

Create a post-adoption agreement: In California, open adoptions are typically governed by a post-adoption agreement, which outlines the expectations and boundaries for ongoing contact between the birth parents and adoptive family. It’s important to work with an attorney to draft a clear and enforceable agreement.

Respect boundaries and preferences: Open adoptions require ongoing communication and mutual respect between the birth parents and adoptive family. It’s important to respect each other’s boundaries and preferences, and to be flexible and understanding as circumstances change over time.

Seek support and guidance: Open adoptions can be emotionally complex, and it’s important to seek support and guidance from professionals and loved ones along the way. Many adoption agencies offer post-adoption support services, including counseling and support groups for birth parents and adoptive families.

Remember that open adoptions are a collaborative process, and it’s important to work together with the birth parents and adoptive family to create a positive and healthy relationship that benefits everyone involved.

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