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How to expunge / seal your record in Nevada?

How to expunge / seal your record in Nevada?

If you had a criminal conviction (or dismissal) in your past, you may be wondering how to expunge (seal) your record in Nevada.

Not everyone is eligible to have their record sealed.  Here are some reasons that you may be ineligible to expunge your record:

  1. The waiting period has not passed.
  2. You currently have an active or pending case in ANY jurisdiction.
  3. The statute of limitations has not been met or your case was recently dismissed without prejudice.
  4. You have not listed all of your charges.  You cannot get a partial expungement.
  5. You have committed a crime that is not eligible for record sealing:
    1. Felony drunk driving
    2. Felony drugged driving
    3. Sex crimes
    4. Crimes against/involving minor children
  6. You received a “dishonorable discharge” from probation.

If none of these eligibility bars apply to you, you may be eligible to have your Nevada record sealed.

You will need to get two criminal history reports.

  1. Criminal History Report from the Nevada Criminal History Central Repository – Costs approximately $27 and you must be fingerprinted.  You can be fingerprinted at a law enforcement facility or at a private facility.  Fingerprinting usually costs between $40-100 depending on the facilities fees.
  2. Criminal History Report from the Las Vegas Municipal Police Department – Costs approximately $10.  You can obtain this report by paying the fees at the Station. If you are not local, you can have your application mailed in.  You will need to have it notarized.

Once you have your criminal reports you will need to prepare and serve your record sealing forms.  You will also need to pay some court filing fees ($74) and obtain 4 certified copies of the Signed Order to Seal (Approximately $12)

Then you wait…..

How long does it take to seal your record in Nevada? 

The processing time can vary.  However, after you have filed all of your documents, you usually should have an answer within 4-6 months.

*Please note that this should not be construed as legal advice. Every situation and county is different and you should consult with an attorney regarding your particular situation.

If you need a Las Vegas Expungement Lawyer, please do not hesitate to contact us or call us at (818) 714-2200.  The first step will be to fill out our Expungement questionnaire.

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