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3 ways to reduce or get rid of medical bill debt

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If you have huge medical bills you may be wondering how you can get rid of this debt or reduce your liability. We will be discussing three ways to reduce or get rid of your hospital debt.

1. Make sure your insurance information is up to date with your medical provider.

If you haven’t visited your physician in a while, they may not have your most current insurance provider information. It is extremely common for individuals to forget to update their doctor with the most accurate insurance card information. If they have old insurance information, the old insurance provider will deny the claim and then usually you will end up with a big bill. A simple fix can be to update your medical insurance carrier information.

2. Try negotiating with your medical provider.

There are times that hospitals and doctors may have the ability to lower your payment if you are paying in cash or don’t have any medical insurance. Feel free to call them up and discuss your financial situation with them in the hope of negotiating a lower cash price than the original bill.

3. File bankruptcy on your medical bills

If you need to file bankruptcy, a chapter 7 will completely eliminate your hospital debt when you receive your bankruptcy discharge.

In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will be making monthly payments to your bankruptcy trustee which will include payments to your medical providers (if they request to be paid). Any medical bills not paid off at the time of your Chapter 13 bankruptcy will be discharged.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

If you are considering filing bankruptcy in California or Nevada we’d love to talk with you regarding your legal situation. Feel free to contact us to schedule your bankruptcy consultation.

This blog is for general entertainment purposes and should not be used as legal advice. Please talk to an attorney regarding your particular situation.

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