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Before most people even have the chance to contact a Panorama City Bankruptcy Lawyer they find themselves struggling with debt.  Trying to juggle the weight of it all: Housing, vehicles, credit card debt, payday loans etc.  

While others, medical debt may hit them like a ton of bricks while trying to recover from an illness or injury.  

No matter whether debt immediately hit you or you have been treading water for some time trying to stay afloat, bankruptcy may be an option to help you get rid of your debt.   Our Panorama City Bankruptcy Lawyers can help you with a plan to get out of debt!  Contact our attorneys for your FREE consultation!

Experienced Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

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Our Panorama City Bankruptcy Lawyer, Chirnese L. Liverpool, has been helping the residents of Panorama City file for bankruptcy since 2008.  We want to help you file for bankruptcy and get out of debt.

Our affordable bankruptcy law firm can help you stop harassing phone calls from creditors, stop wage garnishments, end credit card lawsuits, stop bank levies, foreclosures and repossessions.  

The point of bankruptcy is to help you get a fresh financial start.  Our bankruptcy lawyer will review your full financial picture and create a customized plan to help you get your head above water!

Most clients that we help file bankruptcy our able to keep all of their property, which is a big surprise.  As most clients think they will have to give up all of there belongings when they file bankruptcy.  During our free consultation, we will let you know which property you will be able to keep. 

Cities we service:

Our Panorama City Bankruptcy Attorney is licensed in the States of California and Nevada and can help citizens in any city in these states.  Here are a few of the cities we service:

  • Reseda Bankruptcy Lawyers
  • Studio City Bankruptcy Lawyers
  • San Fernando Bankruptcy Lawyers
  • Sun Valley Bankruptcy Lawyers
  • Northridge Bankruptcy Lawyers
  • Tarzana Bankruptcy Lawyers
  • Granada Hills Bankruptcy Lawyers
  • Winnetka Bankruptcy Lawyers
  • Sunland Bankruptcy Lawyers
  • West Hollywood Bankruptcy Lawyers
  • Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorney
  • Burbank Bankruptcy Attorney
  • Chatsworth Bankruptcy Attorney
  • Sylmar Bankruptcy Attorney
  • West Hills Bankruptcy Attorney
  • Santa Clarita Bankruptcy Attorney
  • Palmdale Bankruptcy Attorney
  • Quartz Hill Bankruptcy Attorney
  • Littlerock Bankruptcy Attorney
  • Lancaster Bankruptcy Attorney
  • Bell Gardens Bankruptcy Lawyer
  • Downey Bankruptcy Lawyer
  • Bell Bankruptcy Lawyer
  • Whittier Bankruptcy Lawyer
  • Bakersfield Bankruptcy Lawyer
  • Pico Rivera Bankruptcy Lawyer
  • Riverside Bankruptcy Lawyer
  • Maywood Bankruptcy Lawyer
  • Southgate Bankruptcy Lawyer
  • Huntington Park Bankruptcy Lawyer


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When potential clients are nervous about filing bankruptcy.  Its normally because they don’t know how bankruptcy can help them.  They don’t know the positive effects bankruptcy can have on their life.  Most clients will go on to have a healthy financial future. The majority of my clients will receive credit card offers in the mail approximately 6 months after the completion of their bankruptcy. Most clients will see a 150+ point increase about a year after they receive their discharge if they maintain good credit habits.   

But most clients want to know if I file bankruptcy TODAY, how will the bankruptcy help me TODAY?  If you file bankruptcy today, there is a Federal automatic stay that takes place immediately.  This means that all collection efforts must immediately cease.  Creditors must stop calling you on the phone.  Creditors must stop writing you debt collection letters.  Credit card and other types of lawsuits must stop.  Wage garnishments must stop immediately.  Bank levies must be stopped.  That is how bankruptcy can help you immediately!

How Can Our Panorama City Bankruptcy Attorney Help You?

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With our Panorama City Bankruptcy Lawyer, your case will receive personalized attention.  You will work directly with Attorney Liverpool from the consultation through the discharge.  Once you retain our bankruptcy law firm, Attorney Liverpool is just a call or an email away.  

Right now, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we are helping all of our clients to file bankruptcy from the comfort of their home.  There is no need to come to our office. We can do everything virtually (by phone, email and/or mail) to help you get your discharge.  

Our boutique law firm offers a low cost flat fee bankruptcy filing.  You will know your fees up front with no unexpected surprises.  We aren’t one of those bankruptcy mills where you are just another one of their files.  We offer affordable PREMIUM legal services.

We know that times are tough right now.  So we offer affordable bankruptcy payment plans.  However, we don’t provide you with the documents for your review until the attorneys fee has been paid in full and we can’t file the documents with the court until the court filing fee has been paid in full.  But, you can make payments on your own pace.  So its a matter of how fast you want to get things done.

Got bankruptcy questions? Let's talk!

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Our Contact Information:

Law Office of Chirnese L. Liverpool

6277 Van Nuys Blvd Suite 126

Van Nuys, CA 91401

(818) 714-2200

We are a debt relief agency.  We help people file for bankruptcy.  Contact us today!

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