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Name and Gender Changes Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a name (gender) change cost?

You will have to pay a few different fees in order to change your name or gender.  In California, the court filing fee (plus electronic processing fee) is approximately $478.  For name changes, there is a newspaper publication fee of approximately $100.  You will also have to pay a low flat rate attorneys fee.  The attorneys fee covers the preparation of the documents and the court appearance (if necessary)  

Do I have to publish my name change in the newspaper?

Name changes must be published in the newspaper.  If you are changing your name and are in witness protection or a victim of domestic violence, you will not have to publish your name change in the newspaper.  

Gender changes do not have to be published in the newspaper.

Can my name change be denied?

The judge can deny your name change petition if they believe that you are changing your name or gender to defraud creditors, commit fraud, hide from the police or some other illegal reason.  Aside from these reasons, usually your name change will be granted.

I'm divorced, can I change my name back to my maiden name?

Usually this is done within your divorce paperwork.  If you would like to file a petition outside of divorce court to change your name, you can change it using this process.

I just got married, can I change my name to my spouse's last name?

Congratulations!  You can usually change your name at the DMV and social security office by showing proof of marriage and do not need to change your name with the court.  

Can I change my name AND gender?

Yes, you can change your name and gender marker.  If you would like our assistance with this process, give us a call at (818) 714-2200.

Can I change my child's name and/or gender?

Yes, you can.  This can be a semi-complex process.  So you will definitely want to hire an attorney to assist with it.  Give us a call at (818) 714-2200.

If I change my child's last name to my new spouses last name is that an adoption?

No, that is not an adoption.  You will want to do a stepparent adoption in order for your child to have the right of inheritance and be legally recognized as their child.  This is something our office can assist you with as well. Call us today at (818) 714-2200.

How can I get the process started?

The first step is to fill out our online questionnaire.  After you have successfully completed it, we can schedule you with a free consultation by telephone or zoom. 

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