Can a married person be adopted?

In general, the adoption of an adult person by another adult is a less common scenario compared to the adoption of a child. However, adult adoptions do occur in certain circumstances, and the laws regarding adult adoption can vary by jurisdiction.

In most jurisdictions, including California, adult adoption is allowed. However, there are specific legal requirements and procedures that need to be followed. One important factor to consider is that adult adoptions typically have different purposes and legal effects compared to adoptions involving minors.

Regarding the adoption of a married person, it is possible, but it may involve additional considerations. In some cases, a married person may be adopted by their spouse for various reasons, such as formalizing their legal relationship or creating a step-parent/stepchild relationship. The specific requirements and procedures for adult adoptions, including those involving married individuals, can vary by state and jurisdiction.

If you are considering adult adoption, particularly involving a married person, it is recommended to consult with an adoption attorney or an adoption agency specializing in adult adoptions in your jurisdiction. They can provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the legal requirements, procedures, and implications of adult adoptions in your specific location.

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